Posted: January 13, 2014

The Carnegie Cultural Center, New Hampton is all about you…the people of the Chickasaw County area. The Center’s entire 2014 Temporary Exhibits schedule seeks to further an appreciation for the different art forms that are around us. Since it’s all about you, the Cultural Center is asking you to step forward and temporarily share some of the “stuff” you have to fill out the exhibits. Everything you loan will be returned when the exhibit closes.

The first exhibit of the year (Feb. – Mar.) is entitled “Art of the People; Ethnic Arts Visited.” Some ethnic groups have deep roots in the Chickasaw County area…most notably the Germans, Irish, Norwegians, and Czechs. Others have a more recent presence…Hispanics, Asians and African Americans. Whatever your background, if you have any art that is representative of a particular ethnic culture, may we please borrow it?

The next exhibit (April-May), entitled “That’s SO Pretty!” focuses on decorative arts for the home and body. Decorative arts for the home will highlight distinctive items that are both utilitarian and attractive such as tableware, linens, glass and pottery items. For this exhibit, decorative arts for the body will feature vintage jewelry (maybe we’ll do tattoos another time!) If you have any unique items that fall into these categories, may we borrow them please?

The summer months will be dedicated to “Alumni and Their Art” and will showcase the work of Chickasaw County Alumni who have remained active artists. Any medium is acceptable, but the works of art should be ones that were completed post high school. If you have contact information of any alumni artists, please let us know!

“Art of Our Ancestors” is the theme for the fall exhibit. The title is pretty descriptive here. Many of us have some piece of art (fine art or the useful kind) that was made by kinfolk (related by blood or not) that has been passed down and ended up in our possession. Whether it’s a piece of art that you have on display in your home or have tucked away in the closet, if it was made by someone before you, may we borrow it please?

The title of the Carnegie’s 2014 annual Christmas exhibit is “Advertising Christmas.” Again, the title is pretty descriptive as this display will include examples of print advertising through the years…some for specific products and some for local retailers…during the holiday season. The Cultural Center actually has a pretty good collection of ads that can be used, but perhaps you have one that has a special significance for you. If so, may we borrow it please?

The Cultural Center will also be hosting a variety of workshops and other activities to coordinate with each exhibit. Watch upcoming issues of the Tribune for details and get involved!

Please contact the Carnegie Cultural Center. if you have something to loan for any of the 2014 Temporary Exhibits. Remember…it’s all about you!