The mission of the Carnegie Cultural Center is to establish a vital presence of the arts, history, and cultural awareness for the benefit, enlightenment, and enjoyment of all Chickasaw County residents and visitors.


The Carnegie Cultural Center is made possible through a public/private partnership between the City of New Hampton and the Carnegie Cultural Center, a private, non-profit corporation. In this partnership, the City maintains ownership of the Carnegie building and the Cultural Center organization is responsible for the development, management and activities of the Center. It is governed by a ten member volunteer board of directors and currently managed by one volunteer administrator and one part-time paid staff assistant. The Carnegie Cultural Center is funded primarily by private donations and its activities are designed and implemented by volunteer committees.


  1. To preserve a community heirloom, the historic Carnegie Library building, through its rehabilitation and reuse as a cultural center and to preserve the original intent of Andrew Carnegie that the facility be used for the enlightenment of the public and the advancement of the community.
  2. To enhance the tourism potential of the area through the development of a permanent collection of unique models and miniatures which appeals to all segments of the public.
  3. To enhance the cultural life of Chickasaw County residents by sponsoring an annual calendar of varied temporary exhibits, fine arts performances, and programs such as classes, workshops, and special events.
  4. To build bridges between the communities in Chickasaw County by involving persons throughout the area in the development, management, and activities of the Center.

Commitee Objectives


-to create a welcoming, congenial atmosphere for special guests and the general public by arranging for amenities, hosts and other services for CCC sponsored receptions and other formal occasions.

Building & Grounds

-to oversee and facilitate the structural, mechanical, and aesthetic maintenance and development of the CCC facility.

Executive Committee

-to attend to the operation of the CCC between regularly scheduled board meetings, to devise plans to meet the fiduciary needs of the organization and to assist in the recruitment of new board members.

Permanent Collection & Exhibits

-to plan and facilitate the acquisition, development, maintenance, interpretation, cataloging, and display of artifacts and informational materials on long term loan or in the permanent collection of the CCC.

Programs & Performances

-to plan and facilitate the production of an annual calendar of performances and programs focusing on the arts, history and culture.


-to generate a positive image of the CCC, educate the public about its mission, goals, and activities and market the Center for tourism.

Temporary Exhibits

-plan and facilitate the production of an annual schedule of temporary exhibits focusing on the arts, history and culture.

Volunteer Management

-to recruit, train and schedule volunteers to manage the CCC facility during open hours and thereby allow the public to visit the Center in a safe, orderly, and enjoyable manner.