Posted: June 5, 2016

One of the great things about living in this community is the way people come together to meet specific needs. “Case” in point: six different entities came together to meet the need for two cases… display cases that is… for the Carnegie Cultural Center!

In one “case”, the Center had long hoped to place small rotating exhibits using artifacts from its permanent collection in the waiting area of the hospital. That wish was realized when Soy Basics donated a retail candle hutch, the United Fund granted dollars to purchase materials (plexiglass, wood, lights, etc.) and Cultural Center Board member, Roger Johnson, provided the labor to transform the unit into an attractive venue appropriate for displaying vintage artifacts. As a result, a mini-exhibit entitled “Bits and Pieces” featuring memorabilia from around Chickasaw County currently provides a little nostalgic diversion for hospital visitors. Other mini-exhibits are in the works.

In the second “case”, the Carnegie had been looking for shelving on which to develop a display of dolls as part of its “Toy Town” permanent exhibit. Janet Gorman donated a cabinet that had once hung from the ceiling over the island in her kitchen, the Lions Club provided the funds to purchase materials (additional wood, glass, shelving, lights, etc.) and Bob Hackman donated his skilled labor to transform the piece into a full size exhibit case. Carnegie Cultural volunteers are currently engaged in assembling the dolls and interpretive materials to highlight styles of dolls and fashions during the 20th century.

Be sure to check out the displays at both the hospital and the Carnegie Cultural Center… and when you do, remember the community spirit that came together to make them a reality.