Posted: September 22, 2016

Event Date
Second Tuesday of October-November 2016 & January-May 2017
Carnegie Cultural Center

In response to a wide and growing interest in preserving personal histories, the Carnegie Cultural Center will once again host a class to address that interest. Informally entitled “Just Write!” the workshop is designed to encourage and enable local folks to get their memories and reflections down on paper.  If you enjoy sharing your stories or are experiencing the “urge” to preserve a picture of the “ways things used to be”, you are definitely a candidate for “Just Write!”

“Just Write!” will be facilitated by Linda Kennedy and Juanita Andersen. The first session is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11 and will continue thereafter on the second Tuesday of the following months: October, November, January, February, March, April, and May. Each class will meet at the Carnegie Cultural Center from 10-noon. There is no charge to participate in the class.

Participants will be presented with writing tips at each session that they will then apply to their own writing between classes. They will also “get their feet wet” by producing short written pieces during class. Being involved in a shop like “Just Write!” will provide the nudge to get started and the motivation to continue so that by the end of the May session , participants may have completed or be well on their way to some kind of a finished writing project.