Posted: October 18, 2018

“…the list of top 100 novels America has chosen is intriguing in its scope – the earliest of America’s favorites dates from 1605, and the latest from 2016. The range of experiences the list captures is fascinating. From the sumptuous to the scandalous, from the toughest neighborhood to the grandest mansion, these stories are the mirror of our culture, never the arbiter, and as such they suggest to us who we have been as a culture and we may very well be now. They also span the range of our reading experience, from books we might have read as children to books we might have recently discovered.”

Meredith Vierira
The Books of Books as featured in the PBS Series, The Great American Read


Local librarian Pat Ipsen will serve as moderator as Chickasaw County residents discuss their choice for the Great American Read. Pat will come ready to share her thoughts about the characteristics that make a good book. Programming pieces from PBS will be viewed exploring America’s 100 Best-Loved novels of various genres.